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Interview with Who?

An interview with who? you say?

Who? are an independant clothing company hailing from the UK .Their Notorious B.I.G t-shirt really caught my eyes so I figured to see if they have anything else good on offer. This is the first of many interviews to come with independant clothing companies.

Hi Scott tell us about your backround?

Im 23 and live just outside Cardiff, Wales.

How did ‘Who?’ begin and why did you decide to launch a clothing company?
It started with a Skate DVD i made in 2008 which was called ‘Who?’ and after the launch of that i made a few tee’s with ‘Who?’ printed on them.
People seemed to dig the tee’s so i started making more and it progressed from there really. It just kinda happend and seemd like the right thing to do.

You have a nice range of t-shirts do you have an in-house designer or do you collaborate with different artists?

We work with a few different people, Mainly friends or freinds of friends. Although were always looking to work with different designers,
You can drop us an email if you would like to work with us at info@whoclothing.com

Which one of your designs has been the most sucessfull in terms of sales?

Our ‘Biggie’ tee along with our ‘Owl’ tee seem to be the best seller at the moment.

What inspires Who? Any particular people who have hada major influence?

Tattoo’s, Music, Skateboarding and the culture around it.

What is your opinion of the the vast amount of new clothing companys appearing every week do you think the market is over saturated?

Kinda yeah. There seems to be kids starting ‘clothing companies’ everyday from their bedrooms, which is rad but it’s starting to get abit much, and alot of them seem to be going down exactly the same route as eachother. But then again i think kids doing something positive with their time is dope.

What has been the highlight of running ‘Who?’ so far?
I guess seeing our stuff go all over the world is pretty rad.

Where do you see the brand going? what are your plans for 2011?

Hopefully from strength to strength, We have alot planned!
Hit us up on facebook to keep updated. www.facebook.com/whoclothing


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