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Vice Guide to New York Graffiti

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Came across this little gem of IRAK crew back 2001 featuring Sace,Ear and Sperm on a wild trip around New York.

“Sacer. The guy you read about in The New York Times who did the ultimate throw up: The Brooklyn Bridge. This is a large deal for two reasons. One, when you do the bridge there is only a very tiny ledge separating you from the black water below and the odds of falling to your death are so high it makes me nauseous just thinking about it. Two, vandalizing a national monument is a felony which means if you do it more than twice you go to jail for life, or longer. Shortly after the bridge incident, he made the news again after throwing etching cream on a slew of high-end boutiques and pretentious galleries.

Earsnot. He’s more than one of the most prevalent tags in New York, he’s an infamous thief who often walks out of a store with three $400 North Face jackets. His crimes are popular with the press, too. So much so he’s had several two week stays at Riker’s.

And Semen. Semen is the one who draws those little sperms on every single door and window in New York. Once you start to look for them it becomes a challenge to find a block that hasn’t been hit.”

Shame that the reporter couldn’t shut up about how beautifull they are and get some more info.


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