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Father.. I sat up one night and made a Photo-shopped compilation of a bunch of my throw up’s and then for no obviously acceptable reason I then knowingly displayed them on the internet. Possibly destroying the credibility of a once proud graffit writing heritage. I knew it was wrong but I was weak and I couldnt help myself.

Father.. I have allowed myself to be seduced by a cult that calls itself Team Robbo. I know this group is a covenant of wrong-doers and I know I have “strayed from the path of rightousness”.

Father! In my defence: I have thus far resisted the urge to sell canvases, do stencil work, make screenprints for re-sale, wear a trilby hat or tight jeans, use crass terms like “counter-culture” and/or “Street art” and talk about myself in the 3rd person. So please go easy on me when you decree my penance. Forgive me Father for I have sinned!

“A couple of months ago I came across an awesome photo on Flickr. I think it was in Iraq. 1 U.S soldier in full combat gear was appearing to stand guard with his M16 ‘or whatever it was’, while another ‘behind him’ was busting a throw up on a wall in paint. War-zone-getting-up was born & I wanted in. . Alas I’m neither a soldier, a mercenary, a journalist or a jihadi so I had to comprimise . . . My pal is currently serving in Afghanistan so I wrote to him & convinced him that going around putting up Drax WD tags would be an honourable pursuit likely to bring him good luck. This isnt the only one he’s done, I may infact have created a monster. The de-facto getting up in war zones action may not be over yet. Watch this space!”

Actually. Im not sure about the date . . .

… But you get the point…

This photo is taken at Glastonbury… (Early 90’s I reckon) PFB was there about 25/35 handed on a right mission. The maddest part of which was the legendary tent-wrecking spree “Don’t ask”…

Watching the program “This is England” the other night I was laughing at the fashions and the way the cast behave. But then I thought “you know what! That was us. At the time it seemed great and we thought we were so fucking cool.. But now photos of that era can seem like quaint nostalga or downright embarrassing. This photo still looks cool and stands the test of time but trust me in 10 years time you’ll look at this and we’ll look like a bunch of fucking idiots . . ”

Though I am an avid Flickr user I’m not really much of a photo buff. I just use it to show pics of my shit to those that might care to look.. This photo However is different: It catches a moment. It catches a feeling. It says more that 100 photos of some piece on a wall in Anywherefuckingland.

Some of the people that were there when this photo was taken are fathers and husbands now. Others are no longer with us . . . R.I.P..

The date isn’t really important but at this particular moment “This was England”..


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