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Apologies for the lack of updates!

To cut a long story short.

Been in Dublin all weekend with no laptop been smoking serious amount of grass and drinking heavily also actually finally finished a piece(I normally spend about two hours then buff as I freestlye everything) but still not satisfied.Also got a few drinks poured over me for my drunken antics and a few pathetic punches quality weekend though .

Had this weird experience last night, I had 10mins until my bus departed so I figured yeah ill go for a smoke.But it turns out my phone was fucking slow and I missed two busses.So over to TheGoodBits for a pint “Heiniken please“.This old man comes in dressed in black cords a golfer hat and a woolen jacket he sits two seats away asks me politely if anyone was siting there I tell him no.So two minutes later he just randomlly starts telling me about Darwin and the point of life and evolution and how anybody who believes in any kind of reiligion is an idiot I agree with him. He basically opens up his whole life to me in five minutes tells me how he can read people like books and how hes a master in body language and he knows people think hes crazy but he doesn’t care.He also has some sort of speech problem where his voice gets lower as the words he says I think he has some sort of cancer in the throat and he also  informs me he is deaf in one ear.He likes to educate the young.So its time for my bus I grab my bag and leave wishing the man goodluck as he says “Say what you mean, and mean what you say” I proceed over to the bus station to realise I missed another bus.I head back to the Good Bits and realise the mans gone.The bartender says “We get alot of them being beside a busstation and all,old men looking for somebody to listen to them

I regret not getting a picture of this guy I liked his ‘fuck everybody attitude’ heres a simlair looking guy on google.

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