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Words with Daze RTM NSA TN

Where in the world do you come from and where do you currently live?

I am from Birmingham Alabama and have no intention of ever leaving .

How did you start painting?

I got started at a young age in the streets of New Orleans where I grew up . Just being a street rat and seeing other writers get up one night a group of dudes jumped out their ride and proceeded to fuck shit up .They didnt give a fuck about the people walking around the  cars or even the people who they where pushing out the way to get up tags the shit was awesome and left a huge impression on me and ever since that night I knew I wanted to be a writer .I was around 14 years old.

Whats a day in your life like?
A day in the life of me is pretty sad .I am into skateboarding , riding choppers, fishing, catching shit on fire ,destroying anything i can ,doing gainers of big shit and trying to look cool!
ive been straight edge from when I was 18 till now so negative on that one .

Any tattoos?
i guess you could say iam pretty coveredName a track you are really diging at this moment?
Uhh the train tracks ,naah  just kidding nothing particular Bird of ill omen,trial,ringworm ,wizard and so on.sorry kids negative to hip hop.

Whats it like painting billboards?
Painting billboard is awesome its about the same as painting a wall though just more fools see it.Right now I am under investigation for it haha so I am chilling on it for a bit till it dies down.Birmingham isnt to huge so shit gets crazy after about five of them .there always cool to see from other writers so I hope people are into mine.but after the no hip hop comment people wont think there as cool now bummer!
Craziest night painting?
Every real writer has about ten really good chase stories .From hidding in dumpsters to catching a train out on the fly to get away from a chase through the city. This story isnt to crazy .But it was funny. Knome Sets and myself broke into a building they where redoing to make lofts out of and we made out way up the fire escape and painted some reverses on the top floor windows and also fillins on the outside down the stairs. Well on the way out someone had the bright idea to just walk down the stairs inside the building and walk out the front door like jackasses .I am pretty sure it was my idea so off we went once we got to what we thought was the second floor .We tripped a inside alarm  and all the light went out in the building except the alarm lights the shit was dark as fuck.so we are running around like madmen trying to find a stairwell out with no luck .So Sets tripping out hard because we start to hear some sirens.so I grab a piece of big ceramic pipe and throw it through the window .i then turn around to try to find something to ream the leftover glass from the rim of the window and after finding a shovel we turn to see sets climbing out the window regardless of all the glass shards after we got out to the fire escape we noticed Sets on the ground all fucked up and paint everywhere .We then relized we where on the third floor and when Sets jumped off into the dark he fell about two stories into a huge sand pile and fucked his legs up we then see the cops in the front of the building so we climb down pick him up and make our way to a fence with a outbound train rolling at a good pace . We get him over the fence leaving all of our paint and make our way to the train .As were looking back we see the cops trying to chase up,some jumped the fence but the majority of them didnt .We rode to the outskirts of town when the cops got the train stopped. Lucky for us we stopped at a giant section of woods,we could see cops on the bridges looking for us .But we managed to get away hide in the woods for three hours and get a ride home .After getting home we noticed Sets had alot of blood on him so he took his clothes off and had a giant fucking gash in his ass and a few smaller ones on his back and i mean the one on his ass looked like some texas chain-saw massacre shit but anyway for some reason i found it mad funny and laughed till I couldnt breath .Sets didnt appreciate it to much and I am pretty sure that was the last time we talked .If you could have seen his scared ass rolling out that window you would have laughed too .To bad we left the paint ,oh yeah and he fractured his leg  maybe not the funniest or craziest but good times
After seeing this I bet you got a shock?  : “http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3654/3512236872_8bfc06ace1.jpg

As far as the newpaper articles they love giving me props on stuff here you would think i worked for the paper or something . But yeah its always cool I save them all .

This has to be one of my all time favourite billboards absolute classic how long did it last? “<http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3557/3681923633_4537652d4e.jpg

(Look closely at this,genius)

in the begining the billboards will last a week or two but after bout three they take them down in like three days ive also had about ten last less than eight hours .I bet they thought that was funny.Lamar loves them.

Name some Artists/Writers who motivate you? (if possible give me a picture of their work)
Man I get motivated by so much in the world like justin timberlake he really does it for me .I love the writers out there that still write for the real reasons of writing not just to get paid.Anyone who is cool with me is motivating and the fools who hate on me are more motivating .There are so many good artist and writers out there so even start to name people .

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years huh well ill say prison or dead I am on some live fast die young shitThanks for your time,any last words? (Shoutouts to your friends etc)

My last word are to all the new jack toys on the internet who want to pretend to be thugs and tuff guys,you arent ! Writing isnt for you if you are fake .( 90% of you are ) and you know who you are.Respect your elders  and read and learn the history! get a clue listen to dudes who have been around before you and you cant hide behind a screen forever.Keep writing alive! And stop trying to make clothing lines because they are gay nobody wants your crappy graff attack shirt/cap .Big ups to everyone ive wrote with or have known over the years and thanks alot for asking me to do this  R.I.P. FUEL, NACE, CONRAIL TWITTY,and anyone who has lost someone in a fucked up way!

Check him out on flickr

  1. King Nest
    August 20, 2010 at 12:47 PM

    So the question you never ask was is… Why are using the name “DAZE” a name that has been in the graff game for many years going back to the 1980’s in NYC. This is what kills me of the new generation they take names that other graff writers put in the work and here comes some new school head and just takes as his own… No respect and originality anymore. The new generation has to start learning the history of graff if they are going to be part of this culture…. Sincerely King Nest since 1977 NYC.X-MEN,MPC,KD…..

      August 20, 2010 at 3:36 PM

      yo i feel you on that but ive been writing for 22+ years now when i started there wasnt alot of knowing who wrote what where unless you traveled there . me and the old NYC Daze have had words but it just got left at that .i respect all older writes its where i came from . but i dont recall seeing to much of the 1980s Daze running around and i dont think anyone is getting us mixed up.

  2. R1ZE
    December 22, 2010 at 7:01 AM

    I don’t think the name is what’s important. It’s the way that the person takes those letters and makes them unique.

    I don’t care if someone else uses my name and I don’t care if I have the same name as someone else. I thought of it on my own, and it’s unique to where I paint.

    As long as you’re not stealing someone’s name AND style then do what you want. Besides… Making rules for something that’s supposed to be a fuck-you to rules in the first place just seems a little hypocritical if you ask me. Respect and Creativity are the only rules this game should have.

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