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Words with SobekKcis

There names are Sobek and Kcis and they the hottest writers in the graffiti scene.I get a few words from the talented twins.

Where in the world do you come from and where do you currently live?

We are from serbia but living in Belgrade.

How many years and how did you start painting?

We just turned 19 ,well we have been drawing nearly our whole life its something that just came naturaly.

Describe your letters?

A bit simple and a bit complicated if you know what i mean ūüôā geometric and flowing lines.

Whats a day in your life like?
Sleep sleep sleep paint drink sleep…..


Any tattoos?

Not yet.

Name a track you are really diging at this moment?

flying lotus – zodiac shit

Craziest night painting?

I cant remeber but every time is crazy in its own way.

How long would you spend on a  typical piece? Like this 

4 to 5 hours.

Name some Artists/Writers who motivate you?

Retro mnz

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Still painting ,hanging out with friends……. same as now but just on a higer level.

Thanks for your time,any last words?

Thanks for the opurtunity  to drop this interview
yo lore,e++,tkv some people that we painted with today…..

Amazing that these guys are only 19 and producing stuff like this.

Interviews with Aryz,Fin Dac,Kem(allchrome)Teenage Witchery and Daze still to come
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