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Mephedrone Diary

Its banned in the UK&IRL  now but found this interesting.


I ordered 2g of mephedrone in preparation for New Years Eve 2009.  I was going to Ministry of Sound at the O2 where deadmau5, Justice, Eric Prydz and Plump DJs were going to be playing.

Having done plenty of research on Mephedrone before it arrived I decided to split the 2g in half and keep 1g at home for future use and to avoid any fiending (the compulsion to keep taking more and more).  I thought 1g would be more than enough to last two friends and I the whole night.

At around 11:30pm whilst Calvin Harris was playing I decided to go into the toilets and do my first line, thinking that by midnight I would be fully rushing.  Went into the mens and was pleased to see that there weren’t any security or bog gremlins present and racked up a “medium” sized line.  Didn’t really hurt or burn contrary to a lot of reports and I headed back onto the dancefloor.

At 12:01am deadmau5 descended from the ceiling and 2010 was officially here.  I was definitely buzzing from this point until about 5:00am.  I was posing for pictures with randoms, introducing myself, high fiving people and generally really, really happy.  My abiding memory of this night was just how much better the world seems to be when everyone is on some kind of substance (as a lot of people were).  Was chatting to one random who put some mephedrone on his finger for me to snort off.

At about 4:00am I was stood on my own waiting for my friends to come back from the toilet when this girl I know walked past, she took one look at me and said “YOURE FUCKED” then asked me if I had anything spare to give away.  Unfortunately for her and her brother I didn’t.

By 4:30am the two girls I was with had used up all their drone and were asking me if I had any left.  I could see one of them was looking pretty miserable which was bringing me down so I said alright, so between the three of us we had gotten through roughly a gram, which isn’t too bad I guess.

The 02 closed at 6am and the journey home was pretty miserable.  I didn’t have a jacket so was walking around London freezing my ass off.  When we got back to their place I was aware my heartbeat was faster than normal and it was hard to sleep properly.  Overall though the side effects were minimal whilst the experience was overwhelmingly positive!


Took the remaining gram out with me to my favourite electro club.  Again was buzzing really hard, greater appreciation of the music but this time round I experienced some crazy gurning and chomping.  Everyone around me could see the gurning and at one point I was chewing gum so hard it flew out my month.

I ended up getting caught in the toilets just after taking a line and getting thrown out.  Having just done a line I was in no mood to stay out and promptly got back in through the back door.  Ten minutes later I felt the hand of the same bouncer who told me to stay out!

Ended up talking shit to a friend who lived next door, then back at a friends flat.  Did a few more lines there and shared the rest with a few mates who were there as well.


Went out without the drone.  Was in the same club as the above entry, relieved to see I wasn’t banned.  Was minding my own business when I saw this cute girl smiling at me, got talking to her and within 5minutes she was asking me if I wanted some of her mephedrone.  Went upstairs and quickly did a line, more gurning and spent the rest of the night with her talking.  Got her phone number then saw on facebook the next day she had a boyfriend.


The big one, one of the biggest DJs around at the moment was playing tonight so I had ordered some more mephedrone in preparation, 2g to be precise.  I also ordered some for the same girl who had seen how fucked I was on NYE.  I could probably charge her more for the effort but I guess I’m too nice a guy!

As soon as I got in the club one of the promoters asked me what I had on me.  This pisses me off as I don’t consider myself a druggy, before drone came on the scene I was doing MDMA once every 4-6 months to avoid building any tolerance and didn’t touch anything else!  Get noticed gurning once or twice and suddenly everyone thinks I’m Scarface.

Told him I had some drone and he could have some in exchange for a “get out of jail free card” the next time I got thrown out and banned haha.  Instead of snorting it I had prepared some in a bomb to swallow, I swallowed the bomb then ended up doing a big fat line with the promoter shortly after.

Now, I was carrying the rest in a snuff bullet for easy and quick inhalation and passing it around my friends who wanted any.  I handed it to one dude and just assumed he would know how to use the bullet, he passes it back to me totally empty as he had unscrewed the vial that held the contents!  FUCK!

Now I was faced with a dilemma, run home 5mins away and get the rest of my stash and miss some of the DJs set in the process.  Or stay and wait till he’d finished with a declining buzz before going to get more.

I was fully rushing, clearly fucked, harder than I was on 8th January, to the point were people were VISIBLY SCARED of me, pointing and shit.  But at the same time I had the nagging feeling that I needed more which reduced my enjoyment somewhat.

As usual we ended up back at someones flat by which time I had more on me.  I was doing more lines but they weren’t seeming to bring me back up, I think that once I’m down doing more won’t help, either that or my nostrils are too clogged/fucked to absorb anymore.

OH YEAH, around this time I was getting daily nosebleeds and the week earlier I was really ill with a sinus/throat infection.  I NEVER get nosebleeds and the last time I was ill was about 18 months ago  – COINCIDENCE

I also started to notice feelings of paranoia – at the end of a night I would look around the room and assume people were talking about me, I was also approaching the end of my probation period at a new job and was sure my bosses were planning to fire me every time they left the room for a cigarette.  Not good.”

Anonymous Mephedrone User

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