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The Vice Guide To Picking Up Chicks

Vice magazine is just something else.I fuckin’ love it and this has to be one of the best articles I ever read The way you get a girl is to say, ‘No problem.’ Everything, no problem,” says a Russian mobster named Peter that’s sitting next to me at dinner. “If they late then you just have a drink alone. When they show up you say, ‘Hey, don’t worry about it.’ And you go on with the night. Everything is no problem forever and ever. Don’t call me back—no problem. See you on the street with another guy—no problem.”

Peter now has the attention of the entire table. He moves his head from far left to far right in a sweeping gesture that’s so slow it makes me think he’s totally forgotten what the fuck he was talking about. After making sure everyone is silent, he adds, “…then…when she finally say those three words. When she finally say, ‘I love you’. YOU TURN THAT BITCH OVER AND YOU FUCKING PUNISH HER FOR ALL THE BULLSHIT SHE PUT YOU THROUGH!!!”

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