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Im in no mood for the computer nose is red-raw swollen head is ridded with big ass lumps and I have more whiplash than every single Canadian person alive. Right im not a big fighter I don’t see the point half the time. Anyways after an eventull night in the local nightclub on my way home I spotted a ” friend ” (IWANAFUCKUKINDAFRIEND) calling me over off. I change direction and head straight for her,before I see him its too late shes siting on this motherfuckers knee me and this cunt don’t see eye to eye. So fuck him I started chatting drunken shit to her and the cunt starts saying “GET HIM AWAY FROM ME NOW” So I just started laughing at him stared into his ugly ass face and walked on. Then I can still hear the motherfucker talking shit so I shouted “Stop shouting,BOGMAN”(Irish word to describe farmers) then walked on thinking ‘Yeah I showed him’ then I turned around again and seen him and a few others coming my way. I just realised how big this cunt actually is hes over 15 stone,6ft something and as wide as a van. Also plays rubgy for Ulster presumaby. He comes closer shouting “WTF you saying?”

So I have two options:

1: Be a little faggot and run.

2: Stand my ground.

So I went with option 2. The girl stands infront of me starts screaming next thing ‘SMACK’ lights out for me.Lying in the middle of the road unconcsious,blood pissing all over me I thought my nose is broke for sure. Anyways just got up and could taste the blood in my mouth head was spining I have never gotten a punch that hard before I could barely see. So some dudes pulled the cunt away and I could still see him going mad jumping around so I said fuck it my dignitys gone, im covered in blood and hes just made me look like a total whimp infront of this girl . So I just started shouting “FUCK YOU PIECE OF SHIT” and this is when it got nasty. I walked back heading toward window to sit down then “SMAAACK” back of the head I feel straight on my face but wasn’t knocked out,then all I could feel was kicks and punches everywhere.Blanked out and wook up this morning covered in blood. So the morale of the story if your going to fight big farmers bring L.L COOL J

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